European Union has its own legal order which is separate from international law and forms an integral part of the legal systems of the EU member states. The legal order of the Union is based on its own sources of law. Given the varied nature of these sources, a hierarchy had to be established among them. Primary legislation is at the top of the hierarchy and is represented by the Treaties and general legal principles. This is followed by international agreements concluded by the Union, and secondary legislation, which is based on the Treaties.

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The overall purpose is to provide valuable information and tips to foreign practitioners. Whether you are currently engaged in a litigation or contemplating this option, this Guide will help foreign practitioners to understand better how such litigation will take place. To the extent possible, the authors have tried to make it comprehensible for any foreign lawyer, regardless his or her country of origin. The reader will hopefully obtain useful insights on the basics and some more detailed analysis of the subjects addressed. As far as possible, the authors have included case law from the European Court of Justice. As a guide, it obviously cannot deal in great depth with all subjects, nor can it cover every area encompassed by this broad field of law. If you need to organize a specific support or representation for your client, feel free to contact our President, or any of our members.

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