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The primary goal of the network is to enable members to provide their clients with European-wide advice by utilising trusted and skilled fellow members.  Increased international referral opportunities is of course a benefit of our network. Our ability to handle pan-European matters without the overhead of a multi-jurisdictional firm gives us a competitive advantage.

We conduct joint marketing efforts and professional activities to increase network knowledge and gain new clients.  These include organising large and small conferences and events, as well as writing and attending together at international conferences (such as INTA, ECTA and ITech Law).

Enjoying a friendly and inclusive dynamic, many members bring their families. The meetings take place on Thursday evenings through Saturday evenings, with Fridays being professional days and Saturdays being social days including sightseeing. Each member is expected to organise a meeting in their home jurisdiction.

The group’s members are all excellent professionals who are well acquainted with one another. This encourages cross-referrals and helps facilitate pan-European co-operation on cross-country projects. Members are happy to provide brief preliminary advice on these projects on a “no-obligation” basis.




The network is non-exclusive, with one member per country in general. We meet in different European cities twice a year.

Shared Expertise

We are a group of IT and IP law professionals from various jurisdictions who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Members can share best practices, learn from one another, and provide insights concerning their respective regions.

Collaborative Efforts

In complex cases involving multiple jurisdictions, members of the network can work together to provide a comprehensive solution. A collaborative approach results in more effective strategies and better outcomes. This is especially useful for companies that do business in multiple jurisdictions.

Referral Opportunities

Our members refer clients to one another with confidence that they will be in good hands. This assists member firms to expand their client base and provide better service to existing clients.

Continual Learning

Seminars, workshops, and webinars are available through our network for professional development. Members are kept up-to-date on the latest trends, laws, and technologies in intellectual property and information technology law.

Credibility and trustworthiness

Being a part of a reputable IT and IP legal network can help a firm’s reputation by instilling clients with confidence in their expertise and capabilities.  It also fosters trust amongst members because they can rely on one another for support and direction.

No Fixed Membership Fees

Our members provide funding based on our needs. Because we do not have a permanent secretariat, our costs are generally low, primarily covering the costs of our meetings and web presence. New members must pay a 500 Euro membership fee.



If this sounds interesting, please submit a brief description of your firm, your expertise for member candidate review. Please explain what you expect from the Group and why you are interested in joining our ranks. If the Group likes your profile and application, you’ll be invited to our next meeting to introduce yourself and meet everyone.


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ITIP Law Group President

HUNGARY, Károlyi utca 12, H-1053 Budapest