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The main points from the ITechLaw Conference 2023 were:

– Digital Services Act (DSA): In-depth discussions on the implications of the DSA, focusing on its relevance to emerging online services, including AI-based systems like ChatGPT.

– Cybersecurity and Data Localization: Examination of challenges posed by new European Data-Strategy Laws, the relationship between industrial and personal data, data access rights, and intellectual property protection.

– AI Act and Regulatory Developments: Central focus on the legislative process concerning AI, regulation of generative AI, governance of AI policymaking, and classification of high-risk AI systems.

– AI Liability: Exploration of liability issues arising from AI usage, including strict liability for AI system producers under the Product Liability Directive and broader liability claims in tort law.

– Algorithm Fairness: Addressing concerns about privacy and fairness in machine learning models, focusing on adherence to fairness principles and challenges of algorithmic bias.

– Cyber Resilience under NIS2 Directive: Emphasis on preparedness and resilience to cyber threats, with practical strategies and challenges associated with NIS2 requirements.

– Data Protection Mass Claims: Round table discussions on data protection mass claims and the pan-European regulatory framework for Blockchain and DLT applications.

– Future of e-Privacy Regulations: Exploration of regulatory barriers to trade and investment in the services sector (FDI) and the future of e-Privacy regulations.