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The importance of the region of Southeast Europe for Intellectual Property rights holders, particularly multi-national companies, lies in the fact that it represents a large and continuously growing market of, at present, approximately 80 million people. Moreover, being the “Southeast gate into Europe”, it has become an important port of entry of counterfeit and pirated goods into the EU, as established by Europol in its report dated April 2011.

As far as Intellectual Property rights are concerned, all countries in the region have, with more or less success, adjusted their laws and regulations to fall in line with equivalent EU laws and regulations. The governments are constantly increasing their efforts to improve the environment for the successful protection of Intellectual Property rights – on the one hand, by more consistency and greater speed in the work of the Courts, and on the other hand, by involving customs and other authorities in the fight against counterfeiting and piracy.

What we do?

For MSA the consequence is evident: the efficient protection of Intellectual Property rights in Southeast Europe is in the best interest of rights holders, and MSA not only seeks to give proper and efficient protection for its clients’ Intellectual Property rights, but also to coordinate with the authorities in order to enhance the fights against counterfeiting and piracy in an ultimate goal of, one day, making the region water-tight against these unlawful activities.

MSA specializes in prosecution and litigation of trademarks, patents and designs, as well as in enforcement of intellectual property rights. Its expertise encompasses all areas of intellectual property law.

Areas of specialism

  • ZProviding opinions on the registrability of trademarks, patents and designs
  • ZSearches
  • ZFiling, prosecution and maintenance
  • ZAssignments and licensing
  • ZEnforcing intellectual property rights through litigation, negotiation and arbitration
  • ZAnti-counterfeiting activities
  • ZDomain name registrations and dispute resolution

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