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RPCC Estudio Jurídico- is a Boutique Law Firm based in Madrid (Spain) providing extensive experience in the defense and legal advice of both individuals and companies. Our practice areas are focused on Civil and Commercial Law, including the IT/IP field.

We follow a global vision model to offer a comprehensive provision of legal services, adapted to the needs of each client.

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Antonio Crespo


Antonio is a Lawyer, Member of the Madrid Bar Association and founding partner of RPCC-Estudio Jurídico.

He developed his career in the field of private Law, focused on Civil and Commercial, with a experience of more than twenty years.

His practice is developed both in counselling and litigation.

Combines his professional activity with the participation in diverse seminars and conferences and with the membership in international groups.

Participates in the IT & IP field, in areas such as electronic commerce, copyright, conflicts on domain names and trademarks.

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