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Ulys was founded in 2002. It is an international Law Firm established in and Belgium. The success of ULYS concept is to provide a global solution due to its specialization and its localization and Brussels. Indeed, the Firm develops itself around the departments New Technologies, Intellectual Property, and Media & Entertainment.

Furthermore, ULYS partners are the founders of to legal portals www.droit-technologie.org and www.gaminglaw.eu.

The firm is characterized by its constant concern of Total Quality

  • ZThe organizational quality, on one hand, which is characterized by the ISO 9001:2000. Listening to the customer, respect of the deadlines, use of technologies to improve the professional practice and the contact with the client, organization and rigor in the management of the firm and client’s files, are some of the values in which we believe.
  • ZThe Intellectual quality, on the other hand, which is characterized by the specialization of the activities and the unanimous recognition of all the actors of the legal world

Areas of specialism

  • ZNew Technologies
  • ZIntellectual Property
  • ZMedia & Entertainment

Our Contact


Etienne Wéry

Etienne Wéry is partner of the ULYS Firm with its main office in Brussels, Belgium. He was born in 1967, is married and has two children. He works in French and English. Etienne Wéry has been a senior lecturer in various universities in Belgium, France and foreign countries; he is the founder of the leading website www.droit-technologie.org dedicated to IT/IP Law.

Special Focus

  • ZSoftware and database protection
  • ZElectronic commerce
  • ZComputer contract
  • ZElectronic invoicing, payments and currency
  • ZElectronic signature, PKI and cryptography
  • ZPrivacy and personal data protection
  • ZE-government
  • ZFair trade practices

Publications on IT-Related subjects

Due to his wide knowledge of IT Law, Etienne Wéry has published many articles and books monographs, e.g.:

  • ZE. Wéry, « Paiements et monnaie électroniques » Larcier / LGDJ, Bruxelles-Paris, 2007
  • ZE. Wéry, « Facturer électroniquement » Larcier / LGDJ, Bruxelles-Paris, 2007
  • ZE. Wéry, «sexe en ligne : aspects juridiques et protection des mineurs»Larcier / LGDJ Bruxelles Paris, 2004.
  • ZE. Wéry, « Facture, monnaie et paiement électroniques », Litec, 2003
  • ZE. Wéry & Th. Verbiest « Le droit de l’internet et de la société de l’information. Droits européen, belge et français », 2001, Larcier,

English joint publication published in London: “The Millenium bug”, Kluwer International 1999.

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