The IT IP Law Group Europe recently convened in Oslo from May 30 to June 1, 2024, for a highly anticipated meeting. Combining professional development with leisurely activities, the event provided an excellent platform for members to engage in productive discussions while enjoying the beautiful city of Oslo. Here’s a detailed recap of the event.

Thursday, May 30: Welcome Dinner

The conference kicked off with a welcome dinner at Restaurant Rucola, known for its authentic North Italian cuisine. Located in the newly opened clubhouse of The Conduit, the venue underscored the meeting’s commitment to creating a just, prosperous, and sustainable future. We enjoyed a delightful evening of food and conversation, setting a warm tone for the days to come.

Friday, May 31: A Day of Insightful Meetings

The second day started with a breakfast seminar at Bull, providing a stimulating environment for knowledge exchange. In the morning participants engaged in discussions and presentations, with a key speaking session.

The meeting covered several topics, also new members and representatives were introduced. Later participants shared insights from the breakfast seminar.

Lunch was served on Bull’s roof terrace, offering a scenic view and a refreshing break. The afternoon session covered a range of topics, including:

– Firm and Event Reports: updates on the Alpine Privacy Days.

– Legal Developments: Discussions on recent E-Surveillance rules in Norway.

– Business Develpment: Sharing and discussing business development strategies

– Member Collaborations: The session included updates on collaborations and legal trends in member jurisdictions.

– Future Planning: Discussions on upcoming conferences in Dublin and Athens, potential mini-conferences, and hybrid format meetings.

The day concluded with a dinner at Lut/Laget, a fresh and innovative brasserie and wine bar in Bjørvika, Oslo’s newest district. Attendees enjoyed a seasonally inspired menu featuring seafood and a blend of Norwegian and Continental culinary traditions.

Saturday, June 1: Leisure and Networking

Saturday’s program offered a perfect balance of leisure and networking with a bike ride through the picturesque Norwegian woods. Starting from Frognerseteren, participants enjoyed breathtaking views over Oslo and the fjord, biking down to the city via a lake and the river dividing Oslo into east and west. The 30 km ride, predominantly downhill, was an invigorating experience, with normal and e-bike options available.

The day ended with a dinner at Torgterrassen, a rooftop brasserie and wine bar offering Norwegian crossover food and a stunning view over the city roofs.

The IT IP Law Group Europe’s meeting in Oslo was a remarkable blend of professional engagement and leisurely enjoyment. The event not only facilitated meaningful discussions and collaborations but also allowed participants to experience the charm and beauty of Oslo. As the group looks forward to future conferences in Dublin and Athens, the memories and outcomes from the Oslo meeting will undoubtedly continue to inspire and drive the group’s collective efforts.