An established network of legal professionals in the areas of IP and IT law.

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The IT IP Law Group Europe ( is an established network of legal professionals in intellectual property (IP) and IT law. Our approach is pragmatic and direct while maintaining the highest legal and professional standards.

Being a closely knit group of legal peers and friends across Europe, we can ensure that your needs will be met in a timely manner, with minimal transaction cost, and that your matter  is handled by the representatives of our trusted network that best fit the task at hand.  You may prefer a single point of contact approach through our president, or to contact one of our members directly.


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Established in 1989, the IT IP Law Group Europe is a network of independent law firms that has members in countries across Europe.

Our pan-European network, the first and largest of its kind, gives you the benefits of:

  • Zspeedy access to specialist IT and IP lawyers across Europe
  • Za network with demonstrable experience of team work on pan-European assignments, projects and litigation
  • Zextensive experience of providing IT and IP legal services within Europe to local and overseas companies and other law firms
  • Za cost effective approach to obtaining expert advice on IP and IT legal issues within Europe


The purpose of this Guide is to provide valuable information and tips to foreign practitioners when their clients face a legal issue in the European Union in relation to intellectual property, information technology and innovation matters.

Whether the client is currently engaged in litigation or is contemplating this option, this Guide will help foreign practitioners to better understand how such litigation will take place.

Also, the Guide is of valuable help in assessing the chances of success by providing an understanding of the key legal principles and issues at stake, whether as a plaintiff or a defendant.


The IT IP Law Group Europe has established an expert plattform on the EU General Data Protection Regulation ( GDPR-expert, a unique tool to get to know the new EU Regulation on personal data. For each provision of the Regulation, the plattform shows you:

  • Zthe corresponding provision in the (former) Directive
  • Zthe corresponding provision in the country you have selected
  • Za short analysis on “Where do we come from?”
  • Za short analysis on “Where are we heading to?”
  • Za short analysis on the problems one may expect.
  • ZAs an option, for each provision, you may also display/hide the recital(s) and the draft Regulation.

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The primary goal of the network is to enable members to provide their clients with European-wide advice by utilising trusted and skilled fellow members.  Increased international referral opportunities is of course a benefit of our network. Our ability to handle pan-European matters without the overhead of a multi-jurisdictional firm gives us a competitive advantage. 

We conduct joint marketing efforts and professional activities to increase network knowledge and gain new clients.  These include organising large and small conferences and events, as well as writing and attending together at international conferences (such as INTA, ECTA and ITech Law).

Enjoying a friendly and inclusive dynamic, many members bring their families. The meetings take place on Thursday evenings through Saturday evenings, with Fridays being professional days and Saturdays being social days including sightseeing. Each member is expected to organise a meeting in their home jurisdiction.

The group’s members are all excellent professionals who are well acquainted with one another. This encourages cross-referrals and helps facilitate pan-European co-operation on cross-country projects. Members are happy to provide brief preliminary advice on these projects on a “no-obligation” basis.

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Welcoming LDLAW to ITIP Law Group Europe

Welcoming LDLAW to ITIP Law Group Europe

We are delighted to announce that during the recent meeting in Oslo, our Group voted to welcome Lellos P. Demetriades Law Office LLC (LDLAW) from Cyprus into our network.

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Anna Gołębiowska

ITIP Law Group President

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